Movement - How to Inspire Change in Your Organization

Sometimes it feels like we’re the only one who gets it. The problem is, as an agent of change, our responsibility is to help other people get it too. Have you ever felt like you’re the only one who gets it? We like to talk about urgency for change, and that we need strong communication and leadership support but we've known that for decades!

This book is for people who want to create meaningful change in their organizations. It's for people who know today's world changes daily, and that traditional approaches to change are no longer relevant. Picking up where Lean Change Management left off, this book brings ideas that have evolved since the release of the first version of Lean Change Management on Leanpub in 2012.

You'll learn why Cause and Purpose trump Urgency, and why Avoiding Resistance is more important than Overcoming Resistance. Most importantly, you'll learn a different metaphor for organizational change. A metaphor that will give you just enough structure to be useful, but not too much to make you feel constrained.

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